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Welcome to the Parents and Carers section of The D’n’A website.

This part of the site includes all information relevant to parents & carers who would like to know more about the Dn’A team and what we do.

How can we help ?

It is vital for parents/carers to keep drugs and alcohol in perspective.

We recognise, as a parent/carer, you can make a significant contribution to supporting your childs drug or alcohol related need. We can help you develop an understanding of drugs and their effects, support you to talk to your children with knowledge and confidence.

The key step in dealing with drug or alcohol related issues is finding someone to talk to. The D’n’A team are trained to listen and can help you work through your problems supporting you through this difficult time.

Our work is CONFIDENTIAL and we know parents/carers often look for anonymity, a phone call is a good way of ensuring this. We are happy to take your call and although it may be difficult to make the call, the earlier that you seek help for yourself and your child the better.

We also offer  a face to face consultation with a worker to help identify your needs even if your child/young person is reluctant to access the service.

Whichever path you take, be assured there are many caring professionals who want to help you to manage the situation.

• General Advice and Information

We provide advice and information on drugs and alcohol however we can provide information on many other services that may be useful to you.
These are some the things that we can help you with. Feel free to contact us or call in to the Dn’A service. You may see one of our workers in your school or local youth group. Please feel free to approach them to ask any questions you may have.
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Where are we?

Find us in the center of Newcastle, just next to Newcastle City Hall.